Boot Camp/Summer Training

If you want to boost your functionality and want to gain real-world work experience to get industry ready, it is very important to enroll in a Bootcamp training/summer training program. And mentors here in Zongly help you achieve all this. Our Bootcamp training programs will help you start your new job with a great ability to make a difference and add value to your work.

Online Bootcamp Training

In Zongly

Allow students to experiment and learn new things which boost your enthusiasm

Encourage students to explore various technologies and think out of the box

Run certified programs designed by experts to empower students with industrial knowledge in the particular domain

Cover the content practically with concepts of theoretical knowledge

Have experts who are specialized in various domains like .NET, RPA, Machine learning, Big Data Hadoop, Data Science, R programming, SAS Training, Java, PHP and many more

Give your lifetime access to online video lectures which helps you learn at your own pace

Advantages of Bootcamp training/summer training program:

Real work-life experience: It is not possible to get that hands-on experience in a classroom setting that the trainees or interns receive in a Bootcamp or summer internship training. Interns get the opportunity to apply all the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the classroom to real work experience. This enhances their knowledge and makes them industry-ready.

Boosts confidence: When interns during a summer/Bootcamp training work in a professional environment, it makes them learn their flaws. They get a chance to work upon them and refine their skills, thus boosting up their confidence.

Upgrade the resume: Students who have prior work experience in the form of a summer or Bootcamp training are given more preference in comparison to the ones who don’t. If you have completed a summer training, it makes you capable to handle more responsibilities and a potential employer.

Build contacts: When you work as an intern, you are surrounded by many experts from your field. If you are a hard worker and willing to learn from experts around you, impress them. This can provide you a chance to work with them in the future or they can probably help you to get your first job.

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