Classroom Training

Zongly provides customized solutions for all corporates as well as individuals and works hard towards imparting the best classroom training. Trained and specialist trainers of Zongly not only make your understanding better but also provide instant solutions for all your doubts through interactive education sessions. Classroom training helps participants acquire better skills and have the best chances for retention.

Online Classroom Training

Advantages of classroom training include:

It allows the participants to focus better on the training without any work area pressure

Helps you build a personal relationship with your trainer

Group discussions and debates in the classroom enhance learning

Participants get individual attention when needed if the course is entirely new to them

Why choose Zongly?

Zongly enables the participants to get trained in a safe, quiet, and clean environment without any pressure on the work area. Under the supervision of our trained specialists, you will be able to solve your problems and understand the concepts quickly and efficiently. Zongly focuses on the following areas to help you learn better:

Solution-focused approach:

Mentors here in Zongly follow the solution-focused approach which is important for seeking solutions to get better results. Candidates are allowed to take on different approaches to look into a particular situation, which helps deepen their knowledge.

Hands-on application:

It is of paramount importance to provide students the opportunity to apply their learning into action. This approach further strengthens the concepts of students.

Interactive sessions:

Every class here in Zongly comprises interactive sessions between the mentors and students which makes the training more engaging and interesting. In-session feedback to the trainers allows them to know how well are the trainees learning and enables them to improvise themselves.

Real-time experience:

Mentors in zongly make sure that each of their students is industry-ready by the end of course completion. The learning system is such that it creates extremely professional individuals ready to take on projects instantly.

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