DevOps Training

DevOps Training

Zongly DevOps course provides in-depth knowledge of DevOps tools through hands-on training. The course covers all the topics and concepts students need to know in order to become certified professionals. It is strictly according to industry standards and set practices to develop necessary skills.

Zongly DevOps certification training online is for beginners and also for professionals including software testers; application developers; security engineer and integration specialist. The institute would help in writing a success story with all its might – experienced faculty, learning tools and brand name. Under brand name, the successful students get placement opportunities in top-of-the-line companies.

Zongly has hired the best talent and the latest learning tools to educate students under its DevOps course. Committed to provide quality education and assistance, the institute is continuously raising the bar to write success stories even in the stiff competition. Its only focus is on maintaining a high standard of education.

Zongly in Noida is the best DevOps training institute for complete course and practical training on live projects. Students join this institute for comprehensive training provided by dedicated teachers with the help of latest education tools. Also, they appreciate the kind of support they get post training.

Course Curriculam

 Why DevOps?

 What is DevOps?

 DevOps Market Trends

 DevOps Engineer Skills

 DevOps Delivery Pipeline

 DevOps Ecosystem

 What is version control?

 What is Git?

 Why Git for your organization?

 Install Git

 Common commands in Git

 Working with Remote Repositories

 Hands On:

 GIT Installation, Version Control, Working with remote repo

 Branching and Merging in Git

 Git workflows

 Git cheat sheet

 What is CI?

 Why CI is Required?

 Introduction to Jenkins (With Architecture)

 Introduction to Maven

 Hands On:

 Branching and merging, Stashing, rebasing, reverting and resetting

 Build and automation of Test using Jenkins and Maven

 Jenkins Management

 Adding a slave node to Jenkins

 Building Delivery Pipeline

 Pipeline as a Code

 Implementation of Jenkins in

 Hands On:

 Build the pipeline of jobs using Jenkins

 Create a pipeline script to deploy an application over the tomcat server

 Introduction to Selenium

 Why Selenium?

 Selenium – Webdriver

 Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver (Waits)

 What and why X-Path?

 Handling different controls on Webpage

 Framework in Selenium

 Selenium Integration with Jenkins

 Hands On:

 Installing Selenium

 Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver

 Integrating Selenium with Jenkins

Shipping Transportation Challenges

 Introducing Docker

 Understanding images and containers

 Running Hello World in Docker

 Introduction to Container

 Container Life Cycle

 Sharing and Copying

 Base Image

 Docker File

 Working with containers

 Publishing Image on Docker Hub

 Hands On:

 Create and Implement Docker images and containers

 Introduction to Docker Ecosystem

 Docker Compose

 Docker Swarm

 Managing Containers

 Running Containers

 Introduction to Docker Networking

 Network Types

 Docker Container Networking

Hands On:

 Use Docker Compose to create a WordPress site

 Start Containers on a Cluster with Docker Swarm

 Deploy a multi-tier application over a cluster

 Scale an application

 Introduction to Puppet

 Puppet Installation

 Puppet Configuration

 Puppet Master and Agent Setup

 Puppet Module
 Node Classification

 Puppet Environment

 Puppet Classes

 Automation & Reporting

Hands On:

 Install and configure Puppet

 Configure and implement servers using Puppet

 Introduction to Ansible

 Ansible Installation

 Configuring Ansible Roles

 Write Playbooks

 Executing adhoc command

Hands On:

 Installing Ansible

 Configuring Ansible Role

 Writing Playbooks

 Executing adhoc commands

 Why Cloud?

 Introduction to Cloud Computing

 Why DevOps on Cloud?

 Introduction to AWS

 Various AWS services

 DevOps using AWS


Our Trainers are working professional who have vast experience in IT Industry.

We Have three Modes of Training - Classroom Training , online Training and corporate Trainings.

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