Blue Prism Training

Blue Prism Training

Blue Prism training is fast becoming a necessity for software professionals that want to improve their problem solving skills and do more in little time. Technological advancements have made it possible for software professionals to manage multiple tasks single handedly. The technology used for managing multiple programs with one command center is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Online Blue Prism training would make you a master of RPA and allow you to use the technology in the best interest of your organization and career in the long run. The technology makes it convenient to work with multiple sources and the job done is more than perfect. It removes the need for multiple players without compromising on the speed or quality of results achieved.

We are the best delivers of knowledge-based Blue Prism Training in Noida. We are offering an exhaustive course content for extensive learning on Blue Prism along with various Demo’s and assessments at frequent intervals.

Course Curriculam

 Introduction to Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Framework

 Running a Process

 Basic Skills

 Process Validation

 Decision Stage

 Calculation Stage

 Data Items


 Running a Process

 Basic Skills

 Process Validation

 Decision Stage

 Calculation Stage

 Data Items



 Circular Paths

 Controlling Play

 Set Next Stage


 Collections and Loops

 Layers of Logic

 Pages for Organization


 Input Parameters

 Stepping and Pages

 Data Item Visibility

 Data Types

 Output Parameters

 Start-up Parameters

 Control Room

 Process Outputs


Object Studio

 Business Objects

 Action Stage

 Inputs and Outputs

 The Process Layer


 Creating a Business Object

 pplication Modeler

 Spying Elements

 Creating a Business Object

 Attribute Selection







 Attach and Detach



 Action Inputs and Outputs

 Data Items as Inputs


Overview of Error and Case Management

Exception Handling

 Recover and Resume

 Throwing Exceptions

 Preserving the Current Exception

 Exception Bubbling

 Exception Blocks

 Exception Handling in Practice


 Queue Items

 Work Queue Configuration



 Pause and Resume




 Safe Stop

 Collection Actions

 Choice Stage


 Log Viewer

 System Manager

 Process/Business Object Grouping

 Process and Object References

 Export and Import

 Release Manager – Packages and Releases

There will be multiple real time projects which you can practice yourself. We will provide solutions to all and explain how blueprism is implemented in real time.

From our side, we will provide course completion certification. But we recommend you to take the blueprism certification conducted by blueprism company.

After this training, you can appear blueprism developer and professional developer certifications. We will cover syllabus for both certification. Our instructors are blueprism certified instructor. So we will guide you on certification like what kind of questions you will get from which modules.


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