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Zongly has customized online training programs for corporates and individuals according to their field of interest. All of our online courses are delivered by well-trained professionals who are experts in their respective fields. If you are a working professional and have no time for classroom training, you need not worry, here in zongly we have a variety of online training courses that you can choose from. We also provide round the clock solution for the trainees to help them learn better.

Online Training

Online Training Details

30 hours of online training courses in Zongly can be completed on weekdays or even on the weekends. If you opt for the weekday classes you just have to devote 1 hour daily and if you choose weekends it will just take 2 hours from your busy schedule. And you don’t have to worry if you miss any lecture, you will be provided with the tutorial recordings for your future references after the course completion.

Advantages of online training


Opting to study online allows you to choose your own learning environment according to your needs and availability. Enrolling for an online training course not only saves your time of commute but also is cost-effective.

Enables students to learn faster:

Since individuals choose their own time schedule and venue according to their comfort level, it enables them to learn efficiently at their own speed and the output is much more productive than otherwise.

Continue your profession:

The best advantage of online training is that an individual can pursue the course without any compromise in their current job. You can continue your profession efficiently while earning a certificate or a degree.

Online support:

Professional educators are always ready to help and support their students who opt for online training. Students can clear their doubts through emails and online chat support is almost always available on the portals.

Easily accessible:

Students can easily download notes, get online support training videos whenever they want. Easy accessibility enhances faster and better learning.

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