IT staffing services

At Zongly, we clearly comprehend the importance of finding a reliable and dedicated employee with perfect skill sets along with how crucial they are in the success of any business. Irrespective of a large corporation or a small business, when you have the right people to hire skilled and experienced people, you can stay assured that you are doing the right thing for your organization.

With a skilled and strong workforce in our house that is spread in different parts, we ensure finding the apt people for your organization. Different organizations have a different requirement – be it in the field of experience or designation or skillset, with us you get everything at once.

Besides, Zongly strives in easing your job by excluding the need for finding a reliable HR for your company and then start working. You can just get in touch with us, let us know your requirements, and with the competent members in our group, we ensure offering the best services to the IT recruitment companies.

IT recruitment services

Our values:

We have been a part of the industry for a long time now, and hence we comprehend your requirements. With almost a decade of experience, we have gained ample knowledge regarding the market, along with the needs of companies. Our values lie in surpassing your expectations. We try to understand your core requirements before we start working.

Since each company has a unique need even when the designation is similar, we primarily take time in understanding your requirement from the staff of your company. Based on that, we plan ourselves and then start finding the potential staff for your organization.

Staffing Services:

Zongly provides IT staffing solutions for the client’s current and future business needs on their conditions. Zongly hires the staff on:

On the client’s payroll: The client takes complete responsibility for all the HR administrative activities. Zongly has the interference of no kind and the client has complete control over the payroll process.

On Zongly’s payroll:We hire the staff on our payroll and take care of all the HR administrative activities. All kinds of employee benefit plans and advantages are provided to the employee by Zongly.

We also provide contractual staffing solutions to our clients for short engagements to ease off their seasonal or temporary workload. In this case, all the employee HR benefits are taken care of by Zongly.

How we work:

We follow a proper hiring and staffing procedure that makes sure that will help you to find the best picks.

We identify the candidates: Initially, we try identifying professionals from various sources. With the many professionals in our network working with the same agenda, we try identifying candidates that fit best for you. Our dedicated team ensures recruiting employees from different sources, along with other online networks.

Screen and shortlist: Once we have gathered a number of potential candidates, we start shortlisting them based on their skill, work experience and other factors that tend to fit perfectly for the job profile. Screening procedure also includes background check and face to face interview.


Depending on the interview, we provide you with a list of names that fit best for your industry. However, this is not the end of it as after providing you with employees, we keep a follow up regarding their performance.

Since we aim to offer the best service in the industry, we try to follow a range of process like understanding your needs and solving your staffing needs with our business objectives. Our endeavour is to offer you with staff with the right skill set, commitment and attitude. Besides, you also offer corporate training to the professionals.

So get in touch with Zongly, and we aim to offer IT placement services at best.

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